Night Nanny Service

My night nanny service might be the thing you need to restore some order into your life.

Getting up to your baby several times during the night can be an exhausting experience often leaving you sleep deprived and unable to give your baby 100% throughout the day. As your night nanny I will arrive at your home in the evening and take care of all your baby’s needs throughout the night. Hours are flexible around your needs but I would normally finish at 8.00am. I will gently guide your baby to sleep through the night whilst you catch up on some much deserved rest.

What are the duties of a Night Nanny?

    • Night feeds
    • Nappy changes
    • Settle baby to sleep
    • Prepare and sterilise your baby’s bottles
    • Dress your baby in the morning
    • Give help and advice on getting your baby into a sleep routine

I will be on hand to give invaluable advise on a variety of issues:

  • Breast and Bottle Feeding
  • Colic
  • Winding
  • Teething
  • Nursery Temperatures

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