Early Years Tutoring for Children Aged 3-5 years

I have over 25 years of experience in teaching young children, including five years as an Early Years Foundation Stage coordinator in a school (ages 2-5 years).

I will assess your child’s current level of knowledge and skills, identify any gaps and areas of concern and devise a plan with you to remedy these that takes into account your child’s interests and preferred learning style.

My teaching is always performed with patience, good humour and creativity, which offers a number of advantages.

  • Learning will be tailored to the child’s personal interests and learning style
  • An understanding that the lessons at home need to be both productive and enjoyable for the child
  • Resources will be  offered that can be used during the rest of the week
  • Expert guidance for parents about how they can enhance their teaching of their children with a wide range of practical strategies around the home
  • Extra guidance and support is available through email and phone
  • I offer creative and fun literacy and numeracy lessons in the comfort of your own home although I am happy to use the local park (weather permitting)
All of my lessons are tailored to your child’s needs and I ensure that they are fun, as this keeps the child interested and willing to learn.

If your child adores nature, loves fantasy stories or has a fascination with the past, lessons will be heavily weighted towards that interest.  Number recognition can suddenly become interesting once numbered stickers are placed on the roofs of toy cars.  Name writing is done with extra care when a child is working towards making a decorated name sign for their bedroom door.  Children make more progress when activities are ones that their interests and hobbies compel them to want to do.

My Tutoring sessions will follow a simple cycle:

  • I shall assess your child’s current levels in important skills and knowledge
  • Goals that are measurable will be set with you in response to what we have discovered
  • I shall devise lessons that are, whenever possible, based around your child’s interests to work towards those goals.
  • We can address areas of weakness; we may be furthering your child’s progress in a strength and talent
  • You will be advised how to continue and extend the work during the rest of the week
  • We assess how successful the work was and the cycle begins again

An initial session will involve an in-depth discussion with a child’s parent/carer about the child’s interests and preferences, their current progress and attitude to learning, and a relaxed session of getting to know him/her.

Advice For Parents – Additional, professional support for child’s learning

  • Establishing good learning habits
  • Support in understanding the curriculum and expectations of your child and how to achieve them
  • Extra curricular work for bright children to prevent boredom
  • Preparation for the school environment – helping nervous children establish themselves
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